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Why should your charts be compatible with Pattern Keeper?

Pattern Keeper is quickly becoming a favorite of cross stitchers everywhere. The ability to zoom and search/highlight symbols is highly praised both because it speeds up stitching and makes the stitching experience more engaging.

Our users are very happy with Pattern Keeper and many think that Pattern Keeper compatibility is a must when buying new charts.




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What does the process for becoming supported look like?

The process will look different for everyone. The complexity of the PDF format makes it so that it is impossible to set any strict guidelines. There are however some general advice and guides if you are using some of the more popular charting software like MacStitch, WinStitch, PC Stitch, or DP Professional.



The first step is to test your charts and assess the level of compatibility.



Make changes either to the charts or to Pattern Keeper



Promote your designs as Pattern Keeper compatible


The first step is testing your charts to see if they are already compatible or to see what parts need more work. Common problems include the grids not being automatically detected and the thread colors not being read properly.

Test yourself

If you have an Android device you can easily download Pattern Keeper and test your charts to see if they work

Send in charts for testing

If you send us a couple of charts we can test them for you and give recommendations.
Observe that we only accept charts with proper licensing


The next step is adapting the charts to work or to make changes in the Pattern Keeper app.

You make changes to your charts

If you are using common charting software like PC Stitch or Win Stitch you can follow our guides to make your charts compatible. We also provide advice on charts we have tested.

We make changes to Pattern Keeper

We are happy to make changes in Pattern Keeper and frequently update our app to support new designers. To upside to fixing compatibility in Pattern is that existing charts don’t have to be edited or resent.


Break out the champagne and proudly announce that you are Pattern Keeper compatible!

Pattern Keeper Tested

If you have tested your charts yourself you can market yourself as a Pattern Keeper tested designer. There are also banners you can use on your website to make this extra visible for your customers.

Supported designer

If you collaborate with us to become a supported designer you will be added to our list of supported designers when we are both happy with the level of compatibility. There are also banner and badges that you can optionally use to make your status as a supported designer extra visible

Have any questions or want to get in touch?

We are happy to provide any help and to answer any questions