How to use the Pattern Keeper logo

If you are an officially supported designer or have tested your charts against the latest version of Pattern Keeper you can use the Pattern Keeper logo in your marketing as demonstrated below.


The easiest way to make it visible, especially on Etsy, that your charts are Pattern Keeper compatible is to add the Pattern-Keeper-tested-badge on your thumbnail. Please use the badge as it is not allowed to use the logo as-is.

  • Wrong
  • Uses the logo not the badge
  • Logo placed to the left and close to the company name makes it looks like it is a chart by Pattern Keeper
  • Right
  • Uses the badge
  • Logo placed in the right corner
  • Also Right
  • Uses the badge
  • Logo placed in the lower right corner

When using the Pattern Keeper tested badge please add this text or similar to your object description:

This chart has been tested and verified to work with Pattern Keeper by the designer. We are not affiliated with Pattern Keeper.

To download the badges right click and choose Save Image As…