Pattern Keeper

Experience your cross stitch PDF charts in a totally new way with the first-ever cross stitch PDF reader app!

Turn cross-stitching into a truly zen and relaxing experience with Pattern Keeper!

Keep your place and find your stitches with the only tailored PDF reader for cross stitch patterns.

iOS version in early development!

Be the first one to know all the latest news about the development and be notified when the first test version is released.

Supported designers

Pattern Keeper works with, not all, but many chart designers. Heaven and Earth designs, Paine Free Crafts, Charting Creations, Artecy, and many others; Also many smaller designers that use Pattern Keeper compatible charting software works.

The support is improved with every update! We constantly add more designers!

Lifetime deal


One Time purchase – Use forever

Pattern Keeper is bought inside of the app as an in-app purchase.

View your chart

  • View your chart as one continuous pattern. Easily stitch over page breaks.
  • Zoom in to see your chart at a size that is comfortable for your eyes
  • See the legend next to your chart

Search for symbols

  • Search for and highlight symbols to see where to stitch.
  • See the selected symbol thread number directly in the legend list.
  • Easily select stitches by clicking or dragging in any direction. Even diagonally or over page breaks.

Track your progress

  • Mark stitches as finished and get a tally of you progress.
  • Finished stitches gets coloured in with the color of the thread making it easy to compare and verify your stitching,
  • Stitches finished today and in total easily visible while stitching.
  • Thread list shows number of stitches left for each color.

Sounds too good to be true? Ask our customers

Common questions

One month. You have access to all features!

You buy the app as an in-app purchase inside of the app.

No, not yet but it is planned!

Yes, with limited functionality. You can photograph it and import it in the app but you will not be able to search or add thread numbers.

Pattern Keeper is supported on Android devices running Android version 4.1 or later and has the Google Play Store installed. However, it performs more smoothly on newer devices. If buying a new device to run Pattern Keeper on then it is recommended to get at least 2GB RAM memory. If possible also avoid Android 8.1 as that version of Android is known to be a bit unstable.

There is no requirement for screen size and you can run it for example on a phone. Some people prefer the bigger screens though as you can see more of the chart as once.

If you stitch full coverage pieces you must invest in Pattern Keeper. I loved it so much that within 30 minutes of starting the free trial I knew I would never want to be without it and paid for the app. You can use it to search for and highlight symbols throughout a chart, tick off those symbols as you stitch them, and it can be used across multiple devices. It is a game changer.

Justine Ledden

Try it!

Beta version with a free trial available in the Google Play Store

I was skeptical about Pattern Keeper when it was first launched, I loved my paper charts with highlighters but I thought I’d try it. I used it for one evening and bought it the next morning. It is amazing, so easy to find all the areas of one colour, it counts the stitches of each colour down till you hit the magical zero! 

Moira McLean